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Foot Care and Diabetes

When you have diabetes, you’re more likely to have problems with your feet.  

This means you need to take good care of them.  Ask you health care provider to check your feet during your regular checkups, too

What to do
Follow these tips to help keep your feet healthy:
1.  Check your feet each day.  Call your healthcare provider if cuts, sores, or blisters don’t heal within a few days.
2.  Wash your feet daily in warm (not hot) water.  Use a mild soap.  Dry well.  Be sure to wash and dry between your toes, too.  Don’t soak your feet.
3.  Use a lanolin-based lotion each day.  This helps prevent dryness and scaling. Don’t put lotion between your toes. 
4.  Always wear shoes or slippers.  Change your socks daily.  Don’t walk barefoot indoors or outdoors.
5.  File your toenails straight across.  Don’t cut them yourself unless your healthcare provider has shown you what to do.
6.  For corns and calluses , see a foot doctor (podiatrist).  Don’t treat them yourself.

What to Watch for
Call your healthcare provider right away if you find any of these problems:
1.  Changes in skin color –   Redness with streaks is often a sign of infection.  Darkened skin may mean the tissue has died.  Pale or blue skin may mean poor blood flow.
2.  Drainage, Bleeding, or Odor – White or yellow moisture, bleeding, or odor are signs of infections or dead tissue.
3.  Swelling – A swollen foot may be a sign of infection or poor blood flow.
4.  Temperature Changes – Warm spots may mean the feet are infected.  Cold feet can be a sign of poor blood flow.
5.  Change in Feeling – Numbness, burning, tingling, or lack of feeling may mean nerves are damaged.
6.  Ingrown Toenails – Nails that grow into the skin are a sign that shoes may be too tight or nails are cut too close to the skin ​

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